Monday, November 14, 2011

An Update...

Many thanks to the more than 20,000 who have visited and continue to read this blog.

My hope is that it will be of help to the descendants of the members of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club. Several of you have related that The Club and The Flood were never mentioned in your homes as you were growing up, and that it has been through other, serendipitous ways that you first became aware of your connection to these fascinating people.

May I suggest that if you do have family information about your ancestor's membership in the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, especially if you have old photos or other artifacts, that you consider making these available to the outstanding Johnstown Flood National Memorial. It is situated at the farm of Colonel Elias Unger, near the remains of the failed dam. If you have not visited there and toured the Clubhouse which is still standing, you really should.

To see what The Club looked like before The Flood, don't miss the outstanding photos by Louis Semple Clarke:

Louis Semple Clark Collection

Also, I am incorporating your newest comments as time permits.