Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cyrus Elder - "Christmas 1892"

"Christmas 1892"
“In all the life of our dear Lord on earth,
Naught happened idly, nothing came by chance;
And in the wondrous story of his birth,
Doubt not, least things have large significance;
Unto my reverent thought it doth enhance
His mission—that a manger was his bed,
And that the patient sad-eyed oxen’s glance
First saw the radiance round his infant head.
Of all the world that groaned and travailed
Those poor dumb creatures were the saddest part,
And he the story hath not rightly read,
Who learns not they were dear to his heart;
He hath not come into our hearts to dwell,
If unto them He hath not come as well.”

- Cyrus Elder (1831-1912)

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