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George Harvey Christy

George Harvey Christy
January 22, 1837 - 1909

Christy was an attorney from Pittsburgh. Born in 1837 in Kinsman, OH, he died in 1909. He and his wife Sarah A. Marshall Christy (who was born in NH) had at least the following children: Marshall Andrews Christy, born January 12, 1871; Bayard H. Christy, born 1872; Lucy H. Christy; born 1875; daughter Ethel W. Christy born 1876. In 1904 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Christy lived at 403 Frederick Avenue, Sewickley (also at home at that time were Bayard H, Ethel and Abby F. Christy).

“George H Christy, attorney, Pittsburgh, is a native of Trumbull County, Ohio, and was educated in Western Reserve College, where he graduated in the class of 1859. The same year he came to Pittsburgh, where subsequently he read law with Judge Veech. Shortly after the breaking out of the war he volunteered in the three-months service, and was quartermaster sergeant in Knapp’s battalion, P. V. Afterward he re-enlisted and became lieutenant and adjutant of the 22nd regiment U S colored troops, serving in the 18th and later in the 25th Army Corps. Previous to the war Mr. Christy was assistant editor of the Evening Chronicle, and later was one of he proprietors and editors of the Commercial Journal. For six months he was clerk in the post office at Pittsburgh, and for two years was professor of Mathematics in the Western University of Pennsylvania. In 1866 Mr. Christy was admitted to the Allegheny County Bar, and for ten years was a member of the law firm of Bakewell, Christy and Kerr, in patent law practice, and in which latter branch of the law he has been engaged ever since.” (History of Allegheny County, page 364)

George H. Christy was a member of the Duquesne Club. He was an elder and a Bible Class teacher for more than 25 years in the Presbyterian Church of Sewickley. He represented George Westinghouse’s patent interests up until the time of his death in 1909, most notably in the conflicts with Thomas Edison.

From the “The Social Mirror” of 1888 by Adelaide Mellier Nevin (page 179): “Mrs. George H. Christy has a pleasant home situated in the very heart of Sewickley. She is the mother of an interesting family and evidently takes great pleasure in the company of her sweet young daughters and tall sons. With her husband she does a great deal of traveling. They are said to be quite wealthy. Miss (Martha) Marshall, Miss Christy’s aunt, makes her home with the Christys."

By early 1920 Mrs. Christy was widowed (she was the former Sarah Haskell Marshall). With daughters Ethel W. Christy and Abby F. Christy and son Bayard Henderson Christy, she lived at 403 Frederick Avenue, Sewickley. Son Marshall Andrews Christy (Mrs., nee Irene Butler McVay) and family (Sarah Marshall Christy and Annie Huntington Christy) lived at 305 Bank Street, Sewickley.

Son Marshall Andrews Christy married Irene Butler McVay (who died on 4-11-1920). They had two daughters: Sarah Christy and Annie Huntington Christy. Sons Marshall and Bayard were both attorneys and continued as partners in the firm that their father had founded.

* * * * *

The George Harvey Christy Family:

George Harvey Christy – born 22 Jan 1837 in Kinsman, Ohio
Sarah Haskell Marshall – born 8 Jun 1841 in Nashua, New Hampshire

Their Children:

(Unk Son) CHRISTY b: 3 Jan 1868 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Marshall Andrews CHRISTY b: 12 Jan 1871 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Bayard Henderson CHRISTY b: 21 Apr 1872 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Lucy Haskell CHRISTY b: 4 Jul 1874 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Ethel Wood CHRISTY b: 5 Dec 1875 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Peggy Kendall CHRISTY b: 25 Oct 1878 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Abby Fuller CHRISTY b: 10 Apr 1880 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania

* * * * *

The Marshall Christy Family:

Marshall Andrews Christy – born January 12, 1871 - ? (after 1922)
Irene Butler MCVEY b: 16 Mar 1867 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Married: 21 Apr 1897 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Their Children:

Sarah Marshall CHRISTY b: 21 Dec 1898 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania
Marriage Melvin Pierce DICKINSON b: March 14, 1898
Married: April 7, 1923

Children of Melvin and Sarah Dickinson:
Irene DICKINSON b: Dec. 5, 1924
Melville Pierce DICKINSON b: March 5, 1928

Annie Huntington CHRISTY b. Nov. 24, 1900
Marriage James Scott BURKE

Children of James and Annie Burke:
James Scott BURKE b: July 4, 1922
William BURKE b: Sept. 26, 1923
Michael BURKE b: Oct. 15, 1927

* * * * *

The Lucy Haskell Christy Family:

Lucy Haskell CHRISTY – born 4 Jul 1874 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania; d: April 1, 1933
Frank Scott WILLOCK b: 30 May 1868 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Married: 10 Jun 1903 in Sewickley, Pennsylvania

The children of Frank and Lucy Willock:

Virginia WILLOCK b: March 24, 1919
Ruth WILLOCK b: July 31, 1911
Roger C. WILLOCK b: Jan. 12, 1914

* * * * *

George Harvey Christy was 51 at the time of the Johnstown Flood.

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Marshall Andrews Christy
January 12, 1871 - ? (after 1922)

Marshall Andrews Christy, of the law firm of Christy & Christy, has long been the leader of the Allegheny county bar in cases involving the practice of patent law. Mr. Christy has been a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, and is identified not with her professional interests alone, but with all the elements which are most essential to her best welfare and truest progress.
Mr. Christy was born January 12, 1871 in the suburb of Sewickley and is descended from ancestors who were among ht early setters of New England. He received his classical education at Princeton University and was fitted for his profession by a course at the Harvard Law School. In 1895 he was admitted to the Allegheny county bar. Immediately after his admission to the bar, Mr. Christy entered the office of his father, George Harvey Christy, now deceased, who had practiced in Pittsburgh for many years, confining his attention mainly to patent law, in which he had built up a large practice and obtained a wide reputation. Since the death of his father in the year 1909, Mr. Christy has been at the head of the firm which succeeded to his practice, composed of his brother and himself. From the outset of his career, Mr. Christy has been successful. He has directed special attention to the subject of patent law, with the result that he became in this particular one of the leading practitioners of the Allegheny county bar. It is to his success in preventing law suits hardly less than in winning them that he owes his high standing at the bar and the implicit confidence with which he is regarded by the community. As a citizen, Mr. Christy has always taken a keen and active interest in affairs both local and national and he has never failed in due regard for the amenities of social live. Professionally he is as well known in other great cities of the East as he is in Pittsburgh. His appearance and personality need no description. They are those of the lawyer and the gentleman.
Mr. Christy married Irene Butler McVey who died April 11, 1920. Two daughters were born to them: Sarah Marshall and Annie Huntington. Mr. Christy belongs to the Pittsburgh, Edgewater and Allegheny Country Clubs, and Mrs. Christy who was a woman of culture and of most attractive personality, was one of the directors of the Women’s Exchange.

* * * * *

Source: Volume 5, History of Pittsburgh and Environs, George Thornton Fleming, 1922.

Marshall Andrews Christy was 18 at the time of the Johnstown Flood.