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A. G. Harmes
1846 - ?

Mr. A. G. Harmes was born in New York in 1847, the son of parents who were both New York natives. His wife Susan B. Harmes was born in 1850 in Pennsylvania—her father hailing from Pennsylvania and her mother from Irelend.

Harmes Machine Depot – Steam engines, boilers and Machinery, 97 & 99 First Avenue Pittsburgh is not only noted as a center for the manufacture of boilers, engines and all kinds of machinery, but also as a result of its prominence in manufacture, is an important point of distribution of items of this character. Among those who engage in this business who possess a certain celebrity by reason of the extent and completeness of the assortment of their stock, the establishment known as Harmes Machine Depot is one of the most prominent. The business was established in 1874 by Mr. A. G. Harmes, at 92 and 94 First Avenue, from whence removal was made in 1887 to 97 and 99 on the same thoroughfare, where he is still located. He carries a general stock of portable and stationary engines and boilers, saw mills, mill gearing, wood working machinery, all styles of automatic marine and portable engines, as well as complete stocks of mill supplies of all kinds. He makes a specialty of supplying steam engines for special purposes, and no better opportunity for selection is offered by any establishment in this line in the country than is provided by this depot. Mr. Harmes who is a native of New York State is practically conversant with machinery of every description and has been connected with his present line of business for many years….

Source: Leonard, John William, 1849-1932. Pittsburgh and Allegheny illustrated review : historical, biographical and commercial. A record of progress in commerce, manufactures, the professions, and in social and municipal life. Pittsburgh, Pa. : J. M. Elstner, 1889.

In 1880 the Harmes family lived in the City of Allegheny, and included…

A. G. Harmes - 34
Susan B. Harmes - 31
Their Children...
Maud Harmes - 7
Eddie Harmes - 3
Grace Harmes - 11 M

The household also included the sister of A G or Susan.... (probably Susan since she was born in PA):
Sarah Garner - 22
- - -

Although A G's first and middle names are not yet known, the best supposition is that he was named for "Albert Gallatin" the Swiss banker, who succeded Alexander Hamilton as Treasury Secretary. Gallatin's wife belonged to the pre-eminent British banking and espionage family of the time.

- - -

Son, Edward Harmes, born in 1876, still lived in Pittsburgh as late as 1913, when he and his wife Caroline (also born in 1876) are listed as arriving in NYC at Ellis Island from Bermuda on the S S Orotava (April 13, 1913).

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