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William Mullins

William Mullins
1824 – August 1893

William Mullins was born in Ireland in 1824. His wife Lucy Anne Bustard was born in Ohio in 1828. Together they had (at least) the following children:

- Anne (Annie) Esther Mullins – born March 1858 in Ohio; married Thomas H. Bakewell: children: William Mullins who married Gertrude Paxton and has two daughters: Frances Jean, born August 24, 1910 and Anne who married Donald Campbell; Allen Averill, Benjamin Page.

- William James Mullins – born in Steubenville, Ohio, August 21, 1860. He was reared in Pittsburgh and educated in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. He came to Franklin as a chemist for the Standard Oil Company and held that position until his father’s death, when he resigned from active work, devoting himself to art and church work. He is an active member of the Episcopal Church, a member of the board of trustees of the Diocese of Erie and formerly of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. He takes a great interest in the public library of Franklin and is its secretary and treasurer. In politics he is a republican. He married November 28, 1898, Elizabeth Johnson Bostwick in Franklin PA. Children: Marjorie, born September 16, 1890; Louise Anne, born July 26, 1894; Elizabeth Allison, born November 21, 1899.

- Edwin Stanton Mullins – born March 13, 1869 in Pennsylvania.

The Mullins’ nephew William H Mullins also lived with them for a time, he served as a clerk for the Pennsylvania railroad.
The Mullins were well off, they kept three household servants (one, a housekeeper) as well as a driver.

They lived in Allegheny PA in 1880, in a neighborhood that was filled with fellow South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club members:
- Calvin Wells lived two doors away from them.
- James Chambers lived three doors from them.
- Henry Holdship lived about eight houses away.

Mullins served as a General Purchasing Agent for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

According to the Genealogical and Personal History of the Allegheny Valley, Pennsylvania; under the editorial supervision of John W. Jordan. Vol. 2. Author: Jordan, John Woolf (1913):

William Mullins was born in Ireland near the city of Dublin in 1824. He was a man of great natural ability and high attainments. He was a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and qualified himself as a civil engineer. He came to this country and was employed on the construction work of the Erie Canal and later went to Steubenville, Ohio where he engaged in railroad building. There he met and married his wife, Lucy Bustard, m 1857. during the Civil War, he became connected with the Pennsylvania Railroad and was of great service to the government in transporting troops and supplies. He was afterward employed by that company for many years as purchasing agent and resided in Allegheny City, where he died August 1893. he was a scholarly man, a patron of the fine arts, and collected a very fine library.

William Mullins was 65 at the time of the Johnstown Flood.

(About him, the National Flood Memorial says only, “Due to lack of strong documentation nothing is known about Mullins.)

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