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Howard Hartley
1846 – ?

Howard Hartley was born in 1846 in Pennsylvania. He married Sarah E “Sallie” Wardenburg (Family historians say she was born circa 1846 – although the 1880 census gives her age as 30 which would be a birth year of 1850). They were married on the 28th of April 1870. Sarah was the daughter of William and Annie M. Wardenburg of Baltimore MD, formerly of Germany (Prussia). In 1880 Howard and Sarah Hartley’s household in the City of Allegheny (the North Side of Pittsburgh) included the two of them, as well as son Robert H Hartley age 8 and Sarah’s brother, Charles A. Wardenburg, age 22, who was working as a clerk in Hartley Brothers’ establishment.

Howard Hartley was associated with Hartley Brothers, manufacturers of leather belting and hose, rubber belts and machinery packing. His brother Thomas shared in the business with him (Thomas’s widow, the former Miss Anshutz, married as her second husband the oil millionaire J J Vandergrift). As described in a business resource of the day:
“There is but one establishment carrying on this branch of business, which was established in 1836, by R H Hartley and is now pursued by his sons under the title of Hartley Bros. at No. 58 Smithfield Street. They manufacture leather belts from one to forty inches wide, using for that purpose the product of their own tannery, having sixty vats.”

Fellow S F F & H C members D W C Bidwell and Howard Hartley served as directors of the Marine National Bank of Pittsburgh located at 301 Smithfield Street’ founded in 1870.

“Mrs. Howard Hartley when she made her advent into Pittsburgh society as Miss Wordenberg of Baltimore made captives of all with whom she came in contact. Her wonderful mass of golden hair contrasted exquisitely with the deep dark eyes. The rose leaf tinted coloring, beautifully molded neck and arms of a snowy whiteness, and the lithe graceful figure marked her as beauty’s own.” (The Social Mirror, 1888, p. 15)

Sallie Wardenburg’s cousin Helena Marie Wardenburg married The Rev. Dr. Robert John Coster; they moved from Baltimore to Pittsburgh where he became rector of Grace (Episcopal) Church.
For the record, the charter members of the South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club were:R F Ruff; T H Sweat; Charles J Clarke; Thomas Clark; W F Fundenberg; Howard Hartley; H C Yeager; J B White; H C Frick; E A Myers; C C Hussey; D R Ewer; C A Carpenter; W L Dunn; W L McClintock; A V Holmes.
At the time of the Johnstwon Flood, Howard Hartley was 43 years old.
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Howard Hartley Jr. was an 1892 graduate of Lehigh University and later was associated with the Standard Automobile Company of Tarentum, PA.

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