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Henry Sellers McKee
March 5, 1843 – June 10, 1924

According to McKee family researchers, H. (Henry) Sellers McKee was born on March 5, 1843 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, (although on at least one occasion, McKee himself gave as his date of birth, August 9, 1842*). H Sellers McKee was the son of Thomas McKee (b: 18 Sep 1800) and his wife Henrietta “Hetty” Zillhart (b: 19 Oct 1809). Thomas was a native of Carlisle Pennsylvania, and Hetty, of Pittsburgh. Thomas was a glass manufacturer as were H. Sellers McKee's uncles, Samuel, John and Daniel McKee. His grandfather William McKee was also in the glass manufacturing business according to the Birmingham Twp. census of 1850. His grandmother was Mary Stewart McKee, daughter of Archibald Stewart, who can be found in many of the banking companies of Pittsburgh.

Henry Sellers McKee had 11 brothers and sisters who were all well to do residents of the Pittsburgh area. Most of them were in the family business of glass making. The original "McKee Brothers" who were with the McKee Glass Co. were Henry's brothers Frederick (b. 1827) and James (b. 1829) McKee--the two oldest in the family.

H. Sellers McKee married Jeannette E. Hartupee (family sources say she was born May 18, 1849 in Pittsburgh, died 18 Nov 1924 in New York City, NY). However, Mrs. McKee gave as her date of birth Sept 14, 1846 on the same occasion that HS McKee gave an alternate dob.*

The Social Mirror describes Jeannette E. Hartupee McKee as follows:

“Mrs. H. Sellers McKee, a large, fine-looking lady, although fond of society and active in charitable work, is moreover a devoted mother and fine housekeeper. The McKees live in a lovely Allegheny residence and keep their coach and pair. Mrs. McKee has a number of fine diamonds. Their worth is estimated at well over a million...”

Mrs. Jeannette E. Hartupee Mckee was a Daughter of the American Revoloution: DAR ID Number: 24373 Born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Wife of Henry Sellers McKee. Descendant of Capt. William Hartupee and of Aaron Mershon. Daughter of Andrew Hartupee and Louise David Cook, his wife. Granddaughter of Aaron Hartupee and Isabella White, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of William Hartupee and Jane Mershon, his wife. Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Aaron Mershon and Mary Gapin, his wife. [p.134] William Hartupee, (1756-1844), served as captain of Middlesex County, New Jersey militia. He was born in Cranbury, N. J.; died in Pittsburg, Pa. Aaron Mershon, (1740-76), was a private in the New Jersey state troops at the battle of Long Island, where he lost his life. He was born in Trenton, N. J.

H. Sellers McKee was president of the First National Bank of Birmingham; glassmaker and developer of the use of natural gas in manufacturing. He was a member of the Duquesne Club. Calvin Wells, H S McKee, James W. Brown and M K Moorhead all served as directors of the Exchange Bank of Pittsburgh (established in 1836), located on Fifth Avenue between Wood and Market streets. Charles J. Clarke, Ruben Miller and H. Sellers McKee were directors of the Western Insurance Co, established in 1849.

The McKee Residence stood at 230 Ridge Avenue, Allegheny.

The family of H. Sellers McKee and Jeannette S. Hartupee:


Thomas M. McKee (1854-1939) (more below)

A. Hartupee McKee (known as Hart) - lived and died in Paris, France. He married Eliza McCullough Sutton (born on 23 June 1871) the daughter of Rhodes Stansbury Sutton and Josephine McCullough.

_ _ _

Thomas M. McKee married Nellie Foster Wood, Nov. 27, 1889

Children of Thomas M. McKee and Nellie Foster Wood McKee:

H. Sellers McKee II - born Feb. 11, 1891; died Sept. 26, 1978, West Islip, NY

Married on June 24, 1916:

Alice Martin Davies (? - died September 1971)

Children of H. Sellers McKee II and Alice Martin Davies:

- H. Sellers McKee III, (April 13, 1917 - May 21, 1923)

- Julien Davies McKee (June 13, 1918 - ?)

- Marie Rose McKee (Sept. 10, 1921 - now deceased)

- Richard Gilpin McKee (Sept. 10, 1932 - )

* * *

Julien Davies McKee married (1) Helen Frances Busard (1922/1975) on April 2, 1944); married (2) Mary V R Robbins on June 13, 1964.

Children of Julien and Helen McKee:

- Julien Davies McKee, Jr. (April 27, 1945 - )

- H. Sellers McKee, II. (November 23, 1946 - )

- Rodney Wood McKee (September 7, 1948 - August 12, 1996)

- - -

Marie Rose McKee married Richard G. Yates on March 14, 1942. Two children:

Richard G. Yates Jr and Jeffrey Yates

- - -

Richard G. McKee married Suzanne Eddy on Spetember 5, 1953 (divorced)

Children of Richard and Suzanne McKee:

Richard G McKee, Jr., married Gard Elizabeth Olund, Nov. 25, 1956

Children: Alice McKee and Hope McKee

Hope McKee, CRNP, MSNLecturer BContact InformationUniversity of Pennsylvania School of NursingRoom 480 NEB420 Guardian DrivePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6096UNITED STATEStel: (215) 573-2184

- - -

H. Sellers McKee II (born 11/23/1946) married (1) Carol Ann Hatch (1948/1972) in June 1969; married (2) Elin Birgitta Lundgren (1952/1977) on April 27, 1973; married (3) Ana Maria deSiqueira Laffont (born Oct. 25, 1956) on August 29, 1987.

Children of H. Sellers McKee and Erin Birgitta Lundgren:

Ian Clayton McKee (born Octoer 20, 1974) (he was featured as one of the eligible bachelors on "The Bachelorette")

Erik Busard McKee (born May 19, 1976)

* * *

Here is a history of McKee Glass Company:

McKee and Company (McKee Glass Company)Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (c.1834-1888); Jeannette, Pennsylvania (1888-1951)

This company went through various name and ownership changes. Sources of information on McKee frequently disagree and the timeline for company and factory names and their actual years of operation are confusing and incomplete. At least 4 or 5 McKee brothers were involved in the early glass industry in Pittsburgh. Samuel & James McKee reportedly started a factory in Pittsburgh circa 1834. Samuel McKee operated a factory (S.McKee & Company) after c.1836.(Some sources give 1850 or 1860). There were evidently at least 3 separate McKee factories under operation at the same time, using similar names, although the owners, of course, were related.Bottles, fruit jars, window glass and other products were made in abundance. Company names included "McKee Brothers" and "McKee Brothers & Co" during certain periods. Glass factory embossed marks on some bottles give the spelling as "M'Kee". Threadless glass telegraph line insulators (CD 731) marked "S.McKee & Co." were evidently produced in the Civil War period and immediately afterward (circa 1865-1875).McKee moved to Jeannette, PA in 1888, (at that time known as McKee Brothers' Works), and then in 1899 became part of the National Glass Company "combine". However, by 1903, McKee had apparently broken away from the combine, and later reorganized to become known as the "McKee-Jeannette Glass Works". At some point in time, it seems to have become known simply as "McKee Glass Company", but with perhaps some minor variations in the exact business name being used through the years. Under this name large quantities of high quality glassware was produced, including pressed "pattern glass", milk glass and other opaque ware, blackglass, etc. Window glass was also produced, at least during the early years at Jeannette. McKee also made industrial glassware as I have received information from Mark Ounan indicating they produced automotive glass headlight lenses in the c. 1917 period. He owns a lense marked "Dodge Brothers / U. S. A. / McKee & Co. / Jeannette PA". I presume this is the same company as "McKee Glass Company" though there is a slight possibility it was a separate McKee company also located in Jeannette. Any additional info is appreciated. After many years of production the factory was acquired in 1951 to become the McKee Division of Thatcher Glass Company. In 1961 Jeannette Glass Company bought the property and a variety of pressed glass items and ornamental tableware was manufactured there by Jeannette until it closed in 1983. (Pictured: Light aqua "coffin flask" of the type made by many Midwestern glasshouses in the 1870s-1890s period. This one is embossed "S. McKee & Co." on the base.) [McKearin & McKearin- American Glass; Newbound- Collector's Encyclopedia of Milkglass, other sources]

McKee Glass Company began its life as McKee and Brothers Glass Works in Pittsburgh, PA in 1853. The factory later moved to Jeannette, PA, which was founded by H. Sellers McKee and named for his wife. In 1901, the National Glass Company took over the factory and ran it as McKee Glass until 1904. In 1904, National leased the factory to McKee-Jeannette Glass Company. It is this company that launched the patterns we now call the “tec” patterns. (The High “Tec” World of McKee’s “Tec” Patterns)

In 1887, H. Sellers McKee and James Chambers began buying land in the valley for the construction of their glass factory. The company built long rows of brick dwellings to house workers, who began blowing glass in 1889. Chambers-McKee Glass Co. eventually became the American Window Glass Co., the largest window-glass factory in the world, employing more than 1,000 people. McKee's father and brothers, who owned McKee Brothers Glass Co. of Pittsburgh, opened a plant in Jeannette called McKee Jeannette Glass Works. It was the largest tableware glass factory in the world and employed almost 600. Other glass factories in the city included The Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass and Glass Co. -- formerly Dithridge & Co. -- of Pittsburgh; Westmoreland Specialty Glass; Jeannette Glass Co.; and the Fort Pitt Glass Co. Jeannette was incorporated as a borough on June 7, 1889. Within a year, the population reached 3,000. By 1890, the Pennsylvania Railroad constructed a station on the main line, and Jeannette became known as the fastest-growing community on the main line. The town was named in honor of H. Sellers McKee's wife, Jeannette. As Jeannette's place in the glass-making world gained strength, other industries moved into the region. (By Marjorie Wertz, FOR THE TRIBUNE-REVIEW, Sunday, January 28, 2007)

- - -

From: John N. Boucher, "History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania", The Lewis Publishing Co., 1906. Pages 504-505:
"Jeannette, "the glass city", bears the proud distinction of being the first large manufacturing town within Westmoreland county, the sixth county in population in the state in 1900. It has the largest window glass plant in the world, and the largest pressed glass concern in America. According to government statistics it produces more glass in various forms than any other place in the United States. “This borough derived its name from the wife of one of the founders, Jeannette being the name of Mrs. McKee, whose husband, H. Sellers McKee, in company with the Western Land and Improvement company of Philadelphia, together with Messrs. Chambers and Brickell of Pittsburgh, purchased in the spring of 1888 the farms of J. F. Thompson, Solomon Longhner and J.F. Gilchrist. The discovery of natural gas at Grapeville brought ready capital to this point. The land company established an office in an old brick farm house, which then stood in an orchard near where the Presbyterian church now stands. The building of the Chambers and McKee Glass Works was the first move toward town building in Jeannette. In June 1888, the company commenced to erect a long row of brick dwelling houses, and all wondered who were going to occupy such fine houses. Lots sold at first at $400, but before a year rolled by they sold at $1,200. The phenomenal growth of Jeannette was only equaled by the building of Vandergrift and Monessen at a little later period. The question of fuel, always a factor to be counted in any factory town, was solved by generous nature long years ago, for within two miles of Jeannette are situated vast coal beds of the best gas producer in Pennsylvania. As to coke, another essential, the borough is near the famous Connellsville coke district, making freight merely a nominal sum, while the natural gas lines entering the place afford cheap fuel in that class. The place was plotted in April, 1888, and by the same month in 1889 fully four thousand people called the place their home. It now numbers between seven and eight thousand, and, including its suburbs, fully ten thousand. Its banks are: The First National, established in 1889, on $50,000 capital. To-day (1905) it has $75,000 undivided profits and $375,000 in deposits. The Jeannette National Bank commenced business about 1900. It has $50,000 capital. The Jeannette Savings and Trust Company opened for business July 10, 1903. The capital is now $135,000. “There are seven great glass factories. It may be stated that these, with the Rubber plant, are what the business life of the borough depends on. The largest tableware glass factory in the world is that of the McKee-Jeannette Glass Works. This was the pioneer plant of the place, and was then known as the McKee Brothers' Works. The first glass produced was in September, 1888. It covers six acres of ground, has six furnaces of 109 pot capacity, and employs from five to six hundred men. Its monthly payroll in $25,000. Eighty per cent. of its product is sold in America, and twenty per cent. exported to its show rooms in all the large European cities. They make what is known as press-cut glass goods, a real rival, as they claim, to the genuine cut glass. “The American Window Glass Company has the largest single window glass plant in the world. The immense building is of brick and stone. Blowing mechanisms are used here in the production of fine window glass. Five years ago the plant came into its present, it formerly being the Chambers-McKee Glass Company. They employ about one thousand men.

- - -
following is the obituary for H. Sellers McKee's mother:
Mrs HETTY McKEE died yesterday morning at her home, No. 139 Smithfield Street. Mrs McKEE was a daughter of Captain DAVID ZELHART and was born on Wood Street near Sixth Avenue in 1809. In 1824, she married THOMAS McKEE, the flint glass manufacturer, who died some twenty years ago. Mrs McKEE leaves five children: H SELLERS McKEE, STEWART McKEE, Mrs LORENZ, and two daughters who are unmarried.

(The above death notices appeared in the Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette on June 25 1884; note that Hetty and Thomas McKee had in all 12 children—these five survived her. Stewart McKee’s wife was Virginia Dalzell.)

- - -

Most of the McKee family is buried in Allegheny Cemetery, including Jeannette and H. Sellers McKee and his parents and siblings. Here is the list:

McKEE, Amanda Marie, 1916-1972, w/o Edgar R., Sec 40, Bronze,

MCKEE, Bertha Chadwick, June 8, 1869-Jan 8, 1945, wife of Frederick W.

MCKEE, Catherine, Jan 18, 1836-July 22, 1841

MCKEE, David, Feb 21, 1840-July 12, 1855

McKEE, Edgar R., 1912-1987, h/o Amanda, Sec 40, Bronze

MCKEE, Emma Amelia, Dec 13, 1852-June 22, 1897

McKEE, Emma C., Jan 21, 1849-June 17, 1921

MCKEE, Eric Stewart, Oct 31, 1956-May 10, 1966

McKEE, Florence Barker, 1851-1925

MCKEE, Frederick Chadwick, July 30, 1891-Mar 4, 1961

MCKEE, Frederick W., Dec 26, 1857-Mar 22, 1912

MCKEE, Frederick, Aug 2, 1827-Mar 21, 1865

MCKEE, H. Sellers, Mar 5, 1843-June 10, 1924

MCKEE, Henrietta, July 3, 1849-Jan 2, 1915

MCKEE, Herbert William,Dec 7, 1896-Apr 29, 1991

MCKEE, Hetty Zillhart, Oct 19, 1809-June 24, 1884, mother

MCKEE, James, May 4, 1829-May 15, 1955

McKEE, James L., July 7, 1844-Dec 14, 1922

MCKEE, Jeannette E. Hartupee, May 18, 1849-Nov 13, 1924, wife of H. Sellers

McKEE, Margaret, d: Oct 28, 1875, Age 56

MCKEE, Margaret Dunlop, May 6, 1923-May 10, 1966

MCKEE, Margaret Killoh, Dec 8, 1910-Jan 12, 1996

MCKEE, Mary Stewart, Dec 2, 1894-May 12, 1966

MCKEE, Mary Stewart, died June 14, 1841, in her 66 year, grandmother

MCKEE, Mary, June 23, 1831-Aug 21, 1835

MCKEE, Melissa P., July 2, 1837-July 5, 1905, wife of Frederick

MCKEE, Richard Stewart, June 3, 1924-May 10, 1966

MCKEE, Samuel A., Killed at Petersburg, Va., 16 June 1864, Co.I, 155th P. V.

McKEE, Stewart, Feb 5, 1845-Nov 11, 1885

MCKEE, Thomas, Jr., Sep 8, 1833-Feb 8, 1850

MCKEE, Thomas, Sep 18, 1800-June 2, 1864, father

MCKEE, Wallace Bruce, Aug 11, 1898-Aug 20, 1986

MCKEE, William S., Feb 23, 1836-Nov 22, 1870

McKEE, William Scott, 1848-1923

*The alternate dates of birth offered above for H. Sellers and Jeannette McKee were what they reported for the passenger list of their return home voyage, arriving in New York City at Ellis Island on October 27, 1913 on the “S. S. Nieuw Amsterdam” from Cherbourg, France.


bobymckee said...

eu sou filho de henry sellers mckee II nascido em 11/23/1946 meu nome é mckee robson tadeu da silva
eu nasci em 06/16/1984 eu sou irmão de ian e erik o nome da minha mãe é lusinete da silva que morou junto de henry sellers mckeeII por 3 anos mais ou menos e depois se separaram. Eu tenho 2 filhos mckee henry sellers e mckee emilly sellers são netos de henry sellers mckee quero que nosso nome apareça na historia da familia

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os netos de henry sellers mckee II se chama henry sellers mckee nascso em 11/21/2006 e emilly sellers mckee 09/21/2009 não é justo nos manter fora dessa historia afinal temos a mesma origem né.

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Although I do not speak Portuguese, I have obtained these free translation versions of the comments posted above. I apologize if the translation is inaccurate in any way and hope that this will help expand awareness of the extended McKee family.

I am a son of Henry Sellers McKee II; having been born on 11/23/1946. My name is McKee Robson Tadeu da Silva. I was born on 06/16/1984. I am brother of Ian and Erik the name of our mother is Lusinete da Silva, who was married to Henry Sellers McKee II for 3 years more or less and afterwards separated. I have 2 sons McKee Henry Sellers and McKee Emilly Sellers are descendents of Henry Sellers McKee I would like our name to appear in the narrations of the family.

The grandchildren of Henry Sellers McKee II are Henry Sellers McKee born on 11/21/2006 and Emilly Sellers McKee 09/21/2009. Is not fair to keep us outside of this narrative; after all we have to same origin, isn't that so.

The name of my pretty wife is Josinete da Silva. A find pair of sons she gave me, McKee Robson Tadeu da Silva, father.

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Yes, My name is Robson Tadeu da Silva Mckee my wife Josinete da Silva Mckee. OK

H. Sellers McKee, Ii said...

Robson McKee was was declared by a Family Court of Law in Brazil to be my illegitimate son and entitled to the use the family name. I was never married to his mother.

H. Sellers McKee, Ii said...

Robson McKee was was declared by a Family Court of Law in Brazil to be my illegitimate son and entitled to the use the family name. I was never married to his mother.

Richard G. MvcKee said...

Corrections: Richard G. McKee married Gärd Elisbeth Ölund May 14, 1960. Two children Alice Märta McKee (Sept. 28, 1967) and Hope Elisebeth McKee(March 28, 1969). Richard G. McKee, Jr. married Wendy Janice Wallen June 30, 1979.
New information: Julien Davies McKee (June 13, 1918-Nov. 3, 2006); Marie Rose McKee (Sept. 10, 1921-July,1996)