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October 25, 1836 – June 7, 1926

Henry B. Patton was born in Smithfield, Fayette County, Pa on October 25, 1836, the son of John Lockwood Patton and Nancy Bowell. He married Mary Adele Hamilton of Beaver County, PA (March 11, 1845 - ?)

Their children were:

James Hamilton Patton (March 8, 1866-Jan 14, 1945)
Viola S Patton (?-?)
Harry Clyde Patton (March 24, 1882-?)

* * *

Henry B. Patton
was mustered into service October 15, 1861, as a private in the 85th regiment, Company G and during the civil war rose to the rank of sergeant. As a member of the 85th regiment, company F, his service taking him as far a field as Hilton Head Island, where on April 21st, 1863 he was one of those awarded a special medal of honor for distinguished conduct in trenches at the face of Fort Wagner.

Henry B. Patton
was associated with the Pittsburgh Glass Works, A. and D. H. Chambers, manufacturers of glass products including bottles and vials, as well as window glass. The business was originated by Alexander and D H Chambers in 1843. D H Chambers died in 1862 and Alexander continued the business unit 1875 at which time it became the property of James A Chambers and Henry B. Patton, who conducted it retaining the old and honored name by which it had built up such a fine business.

Mr. Henry B. Patton, was a practical and experienced glass manufacturer.

He died on 7 Jun 1926 in Albion, PA (buried in Monogahela Cemetary). Mary Adele Hamilton was born on 11 Mar 1845 in Beaver County, PA. She died on 14 Aug 1914 in Greensboro, PA .

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