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Joseph R. Woodwell
1843 - 1912

Joseph R. Woodwell was the son of Joseph and Joanna Woodwell. He was the brother of SFF&HC member William K Woodwell.

Joseph Woodwell & Co. Dealers in hardware. Corner of Wood Street and Second Avenue. This prominent and old established business was founded in I847 by Mr. Joseph Woodwell, who was, in I884, succeeded by his sons, Messrs. W. K. and Joseph R. Woodwell, the present proprietors of the business. This house carries the largest variety of goods in the hardware line in this part of the country, their stock embracing everything in the line of builders’ machinists’, railway, cabinet and general hardware in large supply and complete assortment. Mining and mill supplies and house furnishings and goods of every description are also handled ... Mr Joseph Woodwell, the founder of this house was for many years one of Pittsburgh’s most successful hardware merchants… His sons ,who have resided in Pittsburgh all their lives have been raised to this business and continue it with the same success that has always attended it from its inception. Mr. Joseph R. Woodwell is one of the best known artists in Pittsburgh.

Joseph R. Woodwell
was in addition, an Iron City National Bank director; a director of The Bank of Pittsburgh; and a director of the City Deposit Bank (this last, along with SFF&HC founder H C Frick).

Joseph R. Woodwell, in the fifties, painted some fine landscapes and marine views in Pittsburgh, and was considered a leading artist in Pittsburgh throughout his lifetime.

Joseph R. Woodwell married Margaret E. Sellers (born in 1844)

This is their household in 1880, which was on Walnut Street in Shadyside…

WOODWELL, ME - age 36
WOODWELL, JOSIE - age 9 (daughter)
WOODWELL, MARGURE - age 0 (daughter)
One of their daughters became:

- Mrs. Johanna K. W. Hailman (who was also artistic)

Later, their home was at Penn Avenue near Lang (in 1904); and their summer home was in Magnolia, Mass.

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Sue Rumbaugh said...

I lived on Woodwell Street in Pgh. PA as a child and always wondered which of the Woodwell family the street was named for. Also, Joseph R. and Margaret are buried in the Homewood cemetery, very close to the main gates on Dallas Avenue.