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Circa 1840 - After 1895

On the 29th day of April, 1882, the Virginia Manganese Company entered into a contract under seal with James B. White, Myron C. Davis* and S. M. Donald, ... Considerable high-grade manganese ore was produced at the Houston (Virginia) mine in the late eighties, at which time it was being operated by James B. White & Co. ...

* * *

In the Sept. 5, 1884 issue of the “American Manufacturer” of Pittsburgh PA.

During the last 2 or 3 weeks blast furnace A of the Edgar Thompson Steel works has been producing ferro-manganese instead of spiegeleisen… On Monday last we were shown a specimen of this ferro-manganese which contained a small fraction over 92 per cent of manganese... it comes from the Crimora mine of Va., which is leased by James B. White & Co. of this city (Pittsburgh). ...

James B White was an Episcopalian and Treasurer of the Board of Missions of the Dioceses of Pittsburgh.

MR. JAMES B. WHITE’s offices were in the Bissell Block, at the corner of Seventh Ave. and Smithfield St. in Pittsburgh, Pa.

(His daughter?) Mary de Vere White married James Howard. In his old age James B. White lived with them. (circa 1895)

(His son?) James B White b 1882 married Ethel Beatty the daughter of Charles Norman Beatty 1859 – 1931 and Daisy ? Richards 1869 – 1949

* * *

* MYRON C. DAVIS. Born in Rutland, Massachusetts, March 4th, I847; died January i8th, 1887, at Santiago, Cuba. Mr. Davis was member of the Iron City ...

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