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William K. Woodwell
1831 - ?

William K. Woodwell was the son of Joseph and Joanna Woodwell. He was the brother of SFF&HC member Joseph R. Woowell.

Joseph Woodwell & Co. Dealers in hardware. Corner of Wood Street and Second Avenue. This prominent and old established business was founded in I847 by Mr. Joseph Woodwell, who was, in I884, succeeded by his sons, Messrs. W. K. and Joseph R. Woodwell, the present proprietors of the business. This house carries the largest variety of goods in the hardware line in this part of the country, their stock embracing everything in the line of builders’ machinists’, railway, cabinet and general hardware in large supply and complete assortment. Mining and mill supplies and house furnishings and goods of every description are also handled ... Mr Joseph Woodwell, the founder of this house was for many years one of Pittsburgh’s most successful hardware merchants… His sons ,who have resided in Pittsburgh all their lives have been raised to this business and continue it with the same success that has always attended it from its inception. Mr. Joseph R. Woodwell is one of the best known artists in Pittsburgh.

He married Charlotte Anchutz (born 1842 in Ohio - died before 1900). She was the daughter of William J. Anchutz (1812-1885) and Gertrude Woodwell (?-1850).

They lived on Penn Avenue. Among their neighbors of interest were his parents, next door, Frank Laughlin of J & L Steel 2-doors away, Julia Crawford who would soon marry John G A Leishman, 2-doors further away… And in the opposite direction, Aaron French 3-doors away and newspaperman Eugene O'Neil 2 beyond that.

Here is their household in 1880:



WOODWELL, WILLIAM ENSTON. - age 22 (born in 1858) married Hester Elizabeth Murtland in 1892 (alternate wedding date given is April 22, 1889). Their childlren were Elizabeth Woodwell (married Curtis Whittlsey McGraw) and John Knowles Woodwell (married Alice Herron, they had at least one son John Knowles Woodwell, Jr.1925-2000).

WOODWELL, JOHN - age 20 (BORN 1860 - ) married Bertha Murtland.

WOODWELL, LEE - age 17 (son) (October 1863-March 3, 1906)

WOODWELL, MARION V. - age 15 (daughter)(born April 1868); married Reece Stuart. They had the following 3 children: William W. Stuart (born 1887) who married Jean Clark and Reece Stuart Jr called Ted (born 1889), who married Ruth Bewsher (they had sons Reece Stuart III and Hamilton Stuart) and Charlotte Stuart (born 1892).

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More "connections"...

Thomas Hartley married Frances G Anchutz, the sister of Charlotte Anchutz Woodwell. Frances' second husband was Capain Jacob Jay Vandergrift.



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The spelling is John Knowles Woodwell not John Knoles Woodwell. My Grandfather and Father.

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