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Maxwell K. Moorhead
September 5, 1831 - ? sometime between 1897 and 1904

Maxwell K. Moorhead was born on September 7, 1831, he was the son of James Kennedy Moorhead of Dauphin, PA, and Jane Logan of Lancaster, PA. Col. James K. Moorhead was a contractor on the Pennsylvania Canal, 1827-38, when he became interested in the Pioneer Packet Line between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. He was extensively engaged in business in that city for many years, and amassed a large fortune. He was a representative in Congress, 1859-69.

Maxwell K Moorhead was involved in the development of the iron industry in Pittsburgh. The McKeesport Iron works were erected in 1851by Richard E Gilpin and W. Dewees Wood of Wilmington, DE, for the manufacture of American-Russia sheet iron under a process patented by Wood. Mr. Gilpin disposed of his interests in 1855. And the firm was continued under the name of Wood, Moorhead and Company until January 1859. The manufacture of smooth, refined and galvanized sheet iron being added during this period. In January of 1859, W D Wood leased the works to M K Moorhead and George F McCleane retaining their ownership in connection to Mr. Gilpin. The lease expired in 1862 and in July of that year W D Wood and Alan W. Lukens, under the title of Wood and Lukens recommenced the manufacture of American-Russia and black, smooth, refined sheet iron.

Among other uses, Moorhead’s company supplied the plating for PASSACONAWAY (one of the MONITOR class ships). It was ordered from M. K. Moorhead & Co. of Pittsburgh. Pa.

Maxwell K Moorhead was also a part owner of an iron ore mine – this was a common custom among the Pittsburgh iron and steel men, to purchase ore and other raw materials by owning them outright. "The Watson Iron Company", with holdings in Michigan, was incorporated in 1873 and included among Max Moorhead’s partners. SFF&HC members or family, John W. Chalfant, Thomas W. Howe, James W. Brown and C G Hussey. Read more about it at this website:

Maxwell K. Moorhead was also the President of the Monongahela Navigation Co., Pittsburgh. Pa. circa 1897.

Maxwell K. Moorhead was involved in many civic organizations. He was president of the seventh ward Pittsburgh School Board, he served on the board of commissioners of the Pittsburgh fire company. He was also on the Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary of Pittsburgh board. He was a charter member of the Duquesne Club and he may be seen in this early photo of Duquesne Club members along with SFF&HC member John W. Chalfant:

On April 24, 1855, Maxwell K Moorhead married Mary Heberton (born in 1838). They lived 5221 Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside and they were the parents of at least the following children:

* * *

Children of Maxwell K. and Mary Heberton Moorhead include the following:

Marie Moorhead (); married Bruce Millard, a graduate of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Bruce Millard was a member of the Duquesne Cub and Allegheny Country Club. They lived at 906 Amberson Avenue, Shadyside, and were the parents of at least the following...

- Marie C. Millard (()

- Romaine Millard ()

- Constance Millard ()

- Max Moorhead Millard ()

Maxwell K. Moorhead Jr ()

Elizabeth "Lizzie" H. Moorhead () The extended family includes more than one Elizabeth Moorhead. It is possible that she did not marry, that she wrote a book of memoirs called "Whirling Spindle," and that she served in France during W W I, perhaps as a nurse.

William Halsey "Willie" Moorhead () This may be his son or grandson...

MOORHEAD, William Singer, a Representative from Pennsylvania; born in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pa., April 8, 1923; attended Shady Side Academy; graduated from Phillips Andover Academy in 1941 and from Yale University in 1944; served in the United States Navy from 1943 until discharged as a lieutenant (jg.) in 1946 with service in the Pacific Theater; graduated from Harvard Law School in 1949; was admitted to the bar in 1949 and commenced the practice of law in Pittsburgh, Pa.; assistant city solicitor of Pittsburgh 1954-1957; member of Allegheny County Housing Authority 1956-1958 and Pittsburgh Art Commission in 1958; elected as a Democrat to the Eighty-sixth and to the ten succeeding Congresses (January 3, 1959-January 3, 1981); was not a candidate for reelection in 1980 to the Ninety-seventh Congress; resumed the practice of law in Washington, D.C.; was a resident of The Plains, Va., until his death in Baltimore, Md., on August 3, 1987

* * *
In the 1880 census, Maxwell K Moorhead's sister Jennie Moorhead Murdock and her husband James B. Murdock, MD, lived next door in Pittsburgh, PA.

Following Mr. Moorhead's death, Mrs. Moorhead continued to be active in Pittsburgh social circles and was, for instance, a member of the Pittsburgh Golf Club.


Emily said...

Max Millard is my great, great grandfather. Any other information you may have on him would be wonderful.

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Dear Emily, I have posted just about anything I have been able to find. I am glad to know of your connetion to this very interesting and influential man.

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Max Millard is also my great, great Grandfather and I have pictures of the Moorhead-Millard Family at their house on Amberson Ave. in Pittsburgh, PA. I wish I could scan them but they are used in a Stereopticon. I found this post to be very helpful in helping me add to my family tree. Thank You!!!
Hi cousin, Emily!!!

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